IJMB Requirements

IJMB Requirements

8 passports

Ordinary Level result (O’level result)

Awaiting O’level result is also acceptable

IJMB is a full-time program, and no candidate can sit for the Exams alone without attending lectures. (Inform your parents as they must give their blessings).

WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB are accepted into the programme

Maximum of two sittings with 5 credits

Candidates who wants to understudy courses such as Medicine and Surgery, Law, Pharmacy, Nursing, Accounting, Engineering, Economics should be aware that most universities will not accept two sittings except ONE sitting at the university.

What IJMB Does Not Require

You do not need a written letter from your parents, their awareness and blessings is enough and of course be able to sponsor you through.

You do not need state of origin certificate ( You only need it when you eventually gain admission into the university.

You do not need JAMB.


The program is open to all Nigerians with the requisite ‘O’ Level qualifications. Candidates who are also awaiting their ‘O’ Level result are eligible to apply for the programme.

Courses/subjects categories

There are no restrictions in the categories of subjects in IJMB. Sciences, Arts and Social Science students are eligible to apply as long as they fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Candidates who enroll for the program are required to choose three ‘A’ Level subjects in line with their preferred course of study for the IJMB examination.

Candidates are then expected to receive intensive lectures at the study centres (ULTIMATE SCHOLARS ACADEMY) to prepare them for the final exams.

This is why it is imperative for candidates to select the best study centres available to ensure they come out of the program with excellent results.

Duration of program

Officially, IJMB is a 9 months program. Lectures start between March and April and run through to the whole year. The final exams proper starts sometimes in February the following year.

It is a three weeks exams with the results expected to be released by the end of May.

At IJMB, candidates are encouraged to enroll at the center early as we believe getting excellent results are directly linked to early preparation.

For that reason, registration starts in November and ends in April of the following year. Lectures are scheduled to start between March and April.

So it’s best to get the registration sorted out early so we can all get down to preparing for the examination without distractions.

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